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7 Reasons You Are Scared of Writing Waec and Neco 2019

7 Reasons You Are Scared of Writing Waec and Neco 2019

7 Reasons You Are Scared of Writing Waec and Neco 2019

Scared of writing waec and Neco, You Want To Take Waec/Neco? This question leaves fear in the mind of so many potential Neco/Waec candidates. Now, have you ever wondered why so many candidates are afraid to sit for Waec and Neco? I will share this with you right now.

There are so many reasons why you would be scared of writing waec and Neco. One of the reasons is that your are taking a Major external examination for the first time. It’s normal to be scared of what you have heard much about but don’t know much about.

Did you still remember the day your mom or dad enrolled you in a secondary school? You were very shy and scared, I guess. It is also normal to be scared when the waec you have heard much about is right before you.

Am Scared of writing Waec and Neco

Now, let’s see others reasons why people fear Waec and why you are afraid to sit for the next Neco:

1. You Are Scared of Writing Waec and Neco because You Are Not Just Ready:

The whole waec and Neco thing is just like a dream to you. You are like, “na waec and neco just come so?” Yes o, na waec and neco near you…

The truth is that lack of preparations in any examination results to fear. The good news is that you can kill your fear. To stop fear, you must do what you are afraid of.

It’s not late to begin preparations for waec and neco. With little more effort, your confidence level will increase. You may also click here for how to prepare for any examination overnight.

2. You Are Scared of Writing Waec and Neco because You Heard That Waec Is Too Difficult:

Waec is very difficult… This is the statement you hear everywhere. You hardly hear anybody say that neco is easy. The more people tell you that it is difficult to pass waec and neco, the more the fear you will have.

You may have heard one news, I am about to present another news to you. Waec is not as difficult as painted. Waec gives you syllabus and texts to read for the exam. You also have enough time to prepare. Taking advantage of the above resources will make waec and neco very easy for you.

Although this article doesn’t dwell on how to pass waec and neco, yet I have prepared two solid articles to help you tackle waec and Neco. You may quickly go through them below….

3. You Are Scared of Writing Waec and Neco because You Have Seen How People Fail Waec/Neco:

In this case, you have seen people fail waec. You might have also seen scenarios where your close friends or family members fail waec or neco. Some even have their waec result withheld. Not just waec, neco withholds results every year. This is enough to make you tremble at the mention of Waec/Neco.

Now, let me ask you a simple question, have you ever experienced a term or session in your school when there was no failure recorded? If people can fail in class examination, what then makes you feel everyone will pass waec or Neco?

People will always fail. Your best bet is following the right steps so that you don’t fall victim of failure. Think about those who passed waec and neco. If they could pass, then nothing should stop you from coming out in flying colors.

4. You Are Scared of Writing Waec and Neco because You Are Afraid To Fail:

One of the greatest fear in our society today is the fear of failure. So many persons are afraid of failure. But do you know that the best way to fail is to be afraid of failure and do nothing about it? Fear doesn’t take away failure. Work hard and success shall be yours.

5. You Are Scared of Writing Waec and Neco because You Feel You Are Too Young:

You are 12 Years old and feel too young to take waec and neco right? Your mates are in Universities. Never be scared to take challenges and break records. You are never too young, do whatever you want to do now.

6. You Are Scared of Writing Waec and Neco Because You Are In SS1 Or SS2:

So many persons feel that the right time to write waec and neco is when you are in SS3. Being asked to take waec from SS1 then puts fear in your mind. It ought not to be so.

Now, Can I take waec and neco when I have not gotten to SS3? Sure! You can and it is advisable.

7. You Are Scared of Writing Waec and Neco because You Have Fail Waec Or Your Result Was Held:

No one who have ever failed in Waec and Neco will have full confidence to face it the next year. However, the fact that you failed before doesn’t mean that you will fail again. Atleast you now have experience and more reasons not to fail. Give it another try. I wish you success this time around.




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