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Mistakes in Jamb You Should Avoid In Jamb 2019/2020

Mistakes in Jamb, It is no news that there are controversies surrounding Jamb 2019 already. With every passing year, Jamb candidates make silly mistakes in Jamb registration and examination. This leaves them with regrets and statement like, “If not for this……, I would have passed Jamb 2019 very well”.

For some, they make the mistakes in Jamb before registration during Jamb profile creation. Others proceed to make certain stupid mistakes after Jamb registration. In this article, I will discuss the 12 stupid mistakes in jamb candidates should never make in Jamb 2019.



1. Asking Someone To Register On Your Behalf:

Jamb 2019 is a very serious one. It requires different procedures. Never you ask anyone to help you register. Do everything by yourself so as to avoid stories that touch.

2. Mistakes In Jamb Profile:

Creating Jamb profile is the first stage of Jamb registration. You cannot edit it. If you made any mistake in your Jamb profile, the best way to correct it is to create another profile.

Make sure there is no mistake in your Jamb profile before proceeding to register at the approved CBT centers.

See Also: How to correct errors in Jamb profile

3. Giving Out Wrong Details:

Either at the bank or CBT centers, you will be asked for your login and other details. Ensure the right email and password is provided so as to avoid invalid pins and other common jamb registration issues.


4. Patronizing Cyber Cafes:

Jamb made it clear that cyber cafes or other bodies are not allowed to register candidates on behalf of Jamb. So many candidates have failed to follow this simple guideline. We have recorded a large number of candidates who have purchased fake Jamb forms. Don’t be among them….

5. Seeking Special Centers:

So many candidates have contacted me that they have made arrangement for Jamb special centers already. Personally, I do not believe that there will be any Center that will give you more help than we do, That’s why we recommend you to submit your number to us in order to pass Jamb 2019.

6. Expecting SMS On Jamb Day:

In my time, candidates get answers sent to them via sms on the exam morning. However, if you subscribe with us you will get yours at Night, See jamb CBT update. Do not expect SMS from wrong sites.

7. Starting Late:

One of the stupid mistakes to avoid as a Jamb 2019 candidate is late preparation. You do not have time. Cover all you need to cover right now. You may want to read how to prepare for Jamb in two weeks by clicking here.

8. Not Using Jamb Past Questions:

No matter what you have heard so far or how you want to paint it, not using Jamb past questions to study for UTME 2019 is the biggest mistake you can ever make in Jamb preparations. You may want to read the Top reasons to use Jamb past questions.

9. Fear Of Failure:

Jamb 2019 will be very competitive. Hearing this alone will put fear in your mind. However, it is not real. Jamb is only difficult when you are not ready. Work hard and do not get discouraged or be afraid. Kill every fear of failure in you.

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10. Don’t Be Carried Away:

Looking at the stress and controversies surrounding Jamb 2019, so many candidates will be carried away. Do not pay too much attention to irrelevant details. Just stay focused.

11. Common deceit:

With every passing day, you hear people say that passing Jamb is not by reading. If passing Jamb is not by reading, then what?

Whether you like it or not, a high Jamb score is a function of serious study. Do not let anyone deceive you with sweet words. I will discuss this in the next point.

12. Not Burning the Candle:

Of course, you know that another most stupid mistake you can make in Jamb 2017 is not spending quality time to study. This is no longer the time of studying and being online the same time. You need to highly discipline yourself.

Do not deceive yourself in the place of study. Remember, telling yourself the truth is honesty while telling others is integrity.

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That’s the List of Top Mistakes in Jamb candidates usually make, Kindly try to avoid them.



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