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JAMB Day1 Day2 Day3 Day4 Exam Questions and Answers For 2024 Candidates

Jamb day1 Questions and Answers For 2024 Candidates. If you are the candidates who are among the Jamb candidate who is writing Jamb exam on the 25th Tuesday which is the Day1 exam date and you asking about JAMB DAY1 QUESTIONS AND ANSWER FOR 2024 then you can see some questions that depend on the subject selection of your exam. Jamb exam date is categorized according to days, so is not only Jamb Day1 we have. There are other days if you are asking how many days does Jamb finish their exam. The answer is that Jamb uses four days to finish their exams so you can say we have Jamb Day1, Jamb Day2, Jamb Day3, and Jamb Day 4.
JAMB Day1 Day2 Day3 Day4 Exam Questions and Answer For 2024 Candidates

JAMB Day1 Day2 Day3 Day4 Exam Questions and Answer For 2024 Candidates



Are you searching for Jamb day1 Questions and Answers? Are you a Jamb candidate who is searching for Jamb Day1 Day2 Day3 Day4 Exam Questions And Answer that will be asked by Jamb on your exam day, if so see it here below OR  OR  OR  We get you cover actually, many candidates call it Jamb Runs or Jamb Cbt Expo, but we call it Assistance; We assist you by sending correct and verified jamb answers to you via any convenient medium chosen by you. This will hit you with nothing less than 200-300 Jamb Score or Aggregate.

2024 Jamb Novel Questions For All Jamb Candidate Writing In Jamb Exam Day 1

The full meaning of “EMAL” is _____ A. Email B. Exam Malfunction C. Exam Malpractice D. Exam Mail Who was the leader of the gambling group? A. Hakimi B. Gumuzu C. Kartagi D. Zaki
IPO” stands for _____ A. Independent Police Officer B. International Police Officer C. Investigating Police Officer D. Important Police Officer 8. Who were the Muslims in Salma’s room? A. Tomiwa and Ada B. Salma only C. Tomiwa only D. Salma and Tomiwa 9. Habib was a ____ while Labaran was his _____ A. driver, politician B. politician, driver C. lecturer, student D. student, lecturer 10. Omar mother was a/an _____ A. Lawyer B. Accountant C. Teacher D. Pharmacist 12. How old was Omar when he gained admission into the university A. 19 B. 18 C. 20 D. 21 Correct Answer: B 13. Omar was given admission to study ____________ at the Kongo Campus of Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria A. Pharmacy B. Medicine and Surgery C. Law D. Computer Science Correct Answer: C 14. Who was Omar immediate younger sister A. Bint B. Teemah C. Jamila D. None of the above Correct Answer: B 15. The first daughter in the family is ____________ A. Teemah B. Bint C. Jamila D. Omar Correct Answer: A 16. In the novel, “good morning” in french means A. Banjour B. Bonjur C. Bonjure D. Bonjour Correct Answer: D 17. “And how do you say that’s very good in french, who asked this question? A. The teacher B. The French Mistress C. Bint D. None of the above Correct Answer: C 18. “C’est tres bien” in English means A. Good B. That’s very good C. That’s very bad D. Good morning Correct Answer: B  

Jamb Day 1 Physics Questions

1. What volume of alcohol with a density of 8.4 x 102kg m-3 will have the same mass as 4.2m3 of petrol whose density is 7.2 x 102kg m-3? A. 1.4 m3 B. 3.6 m3 C. 4.9 m3 D. 5.0 m3 E. 5.8 m3 2. For correcting long sight defects in the human eye we require a A. Converging lens B. Diverging lens C. Microscope D. Periscope E. Plain glass sheet. 3. For a concave mirror to form a real diminished image, the object must be placed A. Behind the mirror B. Between the mirror and in focus C. Between the focus and the center of curvature D. At the center of curvature E. At a distance greater than the radius of curvature. 4. The unit quantity of electricity is called A. The ampere B. The volt C. The coulomb D. The ammeter E. Electromotive force. 5. The resistance of a wire depends on A. The length of the wire B. The diameter of the wire C. The temperature of the wire D. The resistivity of the wire E. All of the above. 6. When a yellow card is observed through blue glass, the card would appear as A. Black B. Green C. Red D. White 7. In a nuclear plant, the final mass of the products is 6.32×10^-27kg, while the initial mass of the reactant is 6.30×10^-27kg, the energy released in the process is (speed of light in vacuum 3.0×10^8m/s, 1eV = 1.6×10^-19J) A. 11.25meV B. 11.25 MJ C. 12.25MJ D. 12.25meV

Jamb Day 1 English Questions

Choose from the options nearest in meaning to the word underlined. Any chief executive of an organization would find radical changes blocked at every turn? A developments B ideals C suggestions D innovations Choose from the options nearest in meaning to the word underlined. Ugo has often been described as belligerent? A attractive B patient C innocent D combative Choose from the options nearest in meaning to the word underlined. The men were lardy in offering help? A brave B generous C slow D quick The passage below has gaps numbered 6 to 15. Immediately following each gap are provided. Choose the most appropriate option for each gap. Before any detailed analysis begins, the first thing to do with the data is to check through the field record book and questionnaires for any……..6……[A. records B. events C. odds D. mistakes], inconsistencies and incompleteness. In some cases, it may be possible to correct any discovered shortcomings. When it is possible to carry out these……..7……[A. plans B. possibilities C. corrections D. expectations]. In most scientific……8…..[A. experiment B. data C. conclusion D. questionnaires] such revisits are clearly impossible. This is true of many surveys too. A road traffic survey…….9……[A. conducted B. experimented C. classified D. precoded] to find out the amount and frequency of daily traffic between two towns cannot be expected to be……..10…..[A. reproducible B. undertaken C. observed D. produced]. There is no way of going back to check whether the number of vehicles reported for any particular hour is correct or not. With open-ended questions the……11…..[A. methods B. responses C. errors D. conclusion] have to be classified into relatively small number of groups. The process of classifying answers and of sometimes identifying them by number and letter is called…….12…….[A. recording B. recoding C. encoding D. coding]. When closed-ended questions are used, it is possible to code all the possible answers before they are actually received. This is called……..13…..[A. precoding B. coding C. encoding D. recoding]. What is done, a check through the answers for proper classification, numbering and lettering is still called for at this stage. This whole process of checking through questionnaires and notebooks is called……14…..[A. editing B. posting C. listing D. auditing]. Collected data will eventually have to be used in drawing……15…..[A. references B. examples C. conclusions D. analogies] and writing a report about the population from which it came. In question number 11 above, choose the best option from the letters A-D that best completes the gab. A methods B responses C errors D conclusions In question number 12 above, choose the best option from the letters A-D that best completes the gab. A recording B recoding C encoding D coding   In question number 14 above, choose the best option from the letters A-D that best completes the gab. An editing B posting C listing D auditing  

Jamb Day 1 Government Questions

The Executive is A. a committee of the legislature B. the body that makes laws C. the body that executes the policies of the government D. the highest organ of government Correct Answer: C 13. The separation of powers means the same as A. a presidential system of government B. checks and balances C. the rule of law D. supremacy of the judiciary Correct Answer: B 14. A bye-law is made by A parliament B congress C an electoral college D the local government Correct Answer: D 15. Rights are A. claims that the law allows B. claims against the state C. claims against other individuals D. claims which are natural to men Correct Answer: A 16. A cabinet system of government is practiced in A. the USSR B. the USA C. the People’s Republic of China D. the United Kingdom Correct Answer: D  

For More Jamb Exam Questions and Answers for DAY 2, DAY 3, and Day 1 are now available.

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