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How To Take waec and jamb To Further Your Education As A Parent

How to take waec and jamb to further your education as a parent

How to take waec and jamb to further your education as a parent

This article is strictly for parents who wish to take Waec 2019, Jamb 2019 or both Waec and Jamb 2019 to further their Education. If you are in any of the categories above, then be happy because I am about to provide answers to most of the questions that bother you. You may be wondering, is it too late for me to go back to school? It is never too late. The good news is that it is possible for you to pass waec and Jamb and still go back to school. Continue reading for more details…. TABLE OF CONTENT
  1. Reasons you should go back to school
  2. How to prepare for Waec and Jamb
  3. Best School To Attend As a mom or dad
  4. Recommended course to study as a parent.
  5. Part-Time vs Full-Time Programme?

Reasons Why Parents Further Their Education:

As a dad or mom, there are many reasons why you may want to go back to school. Let’s see the common reasons why parents further their Education and why you should do the same:  

 How To Pass Jamb and Waec To Further Your Education As A Parent:

Where do I start from? I have not been attending classes. This is the biggest question of every parent who wish to go back to school. Some even feel that their head can no longer carry book. The truth of the matter is that waec is not as difficult as you think and Jamb and is not as deadly as you were told. Even as a dad or mom, you can pass both. Here comes another important question, how can I pass Waec and Jamb to further my education here in Nigeria? Follow the steps below:
  1. Learn Time Management
  2. Get Required Materials
  3. Choose Your Study Location
  4. Private Tutorials if Necessary
  5. Follow Up Jamb Latest News
  6. Read My Articles On Jamb Success
  7. Contact me

a. Learn Time Management

Time is the biggest asset given to us by God. What you do with time determines your level of success and achievement in life. Time is not a handset but an asset. One major feature of a parent is responsibilities. You just have a whole lot of things to take care of. You need to work, take care of your husband/wife and as well take care of your children. In summary, you don’t have time. However, you need to create time. If you must further your education, you need to create time for studies. There is no shortcut to success (Unless you are paying someone to take Waec for you).

b. Get Required Materials

The following are materials you need to pass waec or Jamb. You really need them. You may want to click on any one for more details:  

c. Choose Your Study Location

Now that you have created time and gone through the resources you need to prepare for Jamb 2019 and Waec, the next thing you should  do is to choose study location. For effective study, choose a place best conducive for you.

d. Private Tutorials If Necessary

Since it’s been long you finished secondary school or dropped out, it may be necessary to get someone who will put you through. I won’t advice you to attend public tutorials as a parent. If you can’t read and understand on your own, meet a neighbour, mentor or pay someone to lecture you.

e. Follow Up Jamb Latest News

Information is the key. Since you have made up your mind to write waec and/or Jamb, you need to stay updated on the latest waec and/or Jamb news. Know when registration is starting, when examination is starting, how to register and so on.  

f. Read My Articles On Waec and Jamb Success

I would have gone ahead to explain how to pass waec and Jamb in details. However, it will be a repetition. I have already dedicated some articles to explain how to pass waec and neco. Trust me, they will further help you pass your exams. Check them out below:  

g. Contact Me

If you still want to get in contact with me one on one for more guide, I am here for you. Click here to get in touch with me.

Best School To Attend As A Mom Or Dad

In this case, I will advice you not to attend any University or Polytechnic that is very demanding unless you are going for a part-time programme. You may be wondering, how do I know that a school is very demanding? It is not far fetched. Most Top Federal and State Universities are very demanding. Try a school that is not very demanding or competitive.

Recommended Course To Study As A Parent

A mom called me few days ago that she wants to study Pharmacy in UNILAG. I was actually against it. However, she insisted that God is on her side and she can do it. The truth is, there are courses you shouldn’t study as a parent. Not because you are dull but because they would require too much from you. Professional courses like Medicine, Engineering, Law, Pharmacy, etc are very difficult to study. Since you all you want is to get the degree, why not find a simple course and study?  An decent ART or Education course would do.

Part-Time Or Full-Time Programme?

As a parent, whether to go for a part time or full time programme depends on the nature of your work. If you are self employed and has a whole lot of time to attend classes, full time programme is recommended because you will graduate earlier. For a mother whose children are still under four years, you can’t leave them and be going for classes. They need your care. In this case, part-time programme is recommended for you. Also, as a woman whose husband wants to further her Education, full time programme is not bad for you. What’s your take on How To Take Jamb Or Waec To Further Your Education? Let me know how you feel via the comment box and don’t fail to share this article with friends.      
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