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5 Ways You Can Get An Education With A Difference


You must understand that instructions end in the classroom but education ends only when you die.  To be outstanding and ahead of your mates, you need to get an education with a difference .

Getting an education with a difference is exactly what I want to share with you in this article.

How To Get An Outstanding Education

1. Improve On Yourself:

Are you growing or you are just growing old?   What new thing have you learnt today? Some persons are 20 years old but by knowledge they are still “putting on Pampas”.

Improve your brains and mind every day because yesterday’s information cannot help you solve today’s problem.

Let everyday of your life be an improvement on the previous one. Read books and attend meetings that spur you up for greatness.

2. Improve On Yourself:

In my post on 10 Things to know before graduation, I emphasized of self education.


The world is changing at the speed of light. If you don’t change then you will miss out. To get an education with a difference, you must not be static in this dynamic world.

You should be able to know little about many things. Don’t say, “I am an engineering student; therefore, I don’t need English”. You definitely need it.

Improve on your cooking skill, learn other skills. When you come across a new word, get a dictionary and check the meaning. Just make sure you learn new things everyday. Have knowledge power and be versatile.

3. Study To Know:

This is one of the Secrets of Successful students. Studying to pass an examination or interview is not bad. However, you should also study to understand things about life.

What you score in life is more important than what you score in class. An “A” in class doesn’t guarantee your excellence in life. Formal education gives you a class and can make you a living, but self education makes you a fortune. Get an education with a difference.

4. Learn To Invest In Your Education:

Until you invest, you cannot harvest. If you don’t invest into your future, it will deliver nothing to you.

You should have an investment mentality. Remember, in life there is what we call asset and liability.

An asset puts money into your pocket while liabilities take it out of your pocket. Invest invest in your education today so as to harvest tomorrow.


Dream gives you drive. A man that has no dream will have no drive. Have a dream and work towards making it a reality.

Be passionate about your dream because there are a lot of talented people whose dream never come to pass. You cannot become famous for anything that doesn’t consume you. Dream big; there is no law against it.

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