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University of the Bahamas Tuition Fees, Courses & Admission Requirements

Do you want to Study in  University of the Bahamas? You may have heard many things about Admission, Courses & Tuition Fees. This post has a detailed information about procedures to Study in University of the Bahamas. We promise that this post will end every doubt about Studying in University of the Bahamas.

On 10 November 2016, University of The Bahamas was chartered by an Act of Parliament of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas.

The school welcomes new students and their families and provides for a successful transition to university life through a week of exciting and information-packed activities, but, that’s not even a case.

A lot of people want to learn but they struggle to identify the right people to teach them or the right place to go to learn. While it’s difficult for some people to learn, some people also have this odd feeling that they can’t learn or understand the things they are been taught.

As the national tertiary level institution for Bahamas, The University of Bahamas is mindful of their role in the community and encourage their students to be involved in and conceive of community initiatives.

University of the Bahamas Courses
Below are the courses of University of the Bahamas.

Business and Hospitality Management
Chemistry, Environmental & Life Sciences
Communication & Creative Arts
Culinary Arts & Tourism Studies
English Studies
Mathematics, Physics & Technology
Nursing & Allied Health Professions
Social Sciences
University of the Bahamas Tuition and Fees
Notwithstanding the high cost of a quality tertiary-level education, University of The Bahamas continues to offer excellent academic programmes as well as rich and rewarding student experiences at a cost that is affordable to most families.

Lower-level courses   Upper-level courses
Bahamian rate   B$100.00 per contact hour   $B150.00 per contact hour
International rate   B200.00 per contact hour   $B200.00 per contact hour
Bahamian Tuition Rate
The following students are eligible for the Bahamian tuition rate:

Bahamian citizens, a person currently married to a Bahamian citizen, the child of a Bahamian citizen;
Permanent residents with the right to work in The Bahamas, a person currently married to a permanent resident with the right to work in The Bahamas; the child, or adult child under the age of 25 years, of a permanent resident with the right to work in The Bahamas;
Persons who have completed six consecutive years of secondary education in The Bahamas;
Persons employed by the Government of The Bahamas; a person who is currently married to a person who is employed by the Government of The Bahamas, a child, or adult child under the age of 25 years, of a permanent resident with the right to work in The Bahamas.

Non-Credit Upgrading Courses

Upgrading and Pre-Tech courses are assessed at a rate of $300.00 per course plus applicable laboratory fees.

Non-Credit General Interest Courses
Tuition and fees for non-credit general interest courses are determined on the basis of related expenses.

Courses with higher-than-average operating costs are assessed additional fees. As a result, an additional laboratory, tutorial, studio or other fee may be attached to a specific course to cover related expenses such as materials, supplies, field trips, etc. Unless otherwise indicated, these fees must be paid at the time of registration.

Additionally, UB charges various incidental fees to cover the cost of services such as new student orientation fee, student identification fee, security deposit fee, all of which are included as part of the student’s statement/bill.

The capital development fee, for example, assists with capital development projects and the long term maintenance of the UB’s physical plant. The student activity fee, payable at the time of registration, provides funds for Student Government and UB student clubs and organizations.

The mandatory, non-refundable technology fee covers computer and Internet access and $50.00 worth of prints. The library fee allows students access to the library and its resources such as study rooms, online library access and book borrowing.

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