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The Best Place And Time To Read For Waec And Neco 2019

The Best Place And Time To Read For Waec And Neco

The Best Place And Time To Read For Waec And Neco

Read for waec and neco, Sometimes venue is what determines revenue; just as your location has a way of influencing your allocation. In the same vein, where you read for Waec and Neco, even Jamb has a way of influencing your level of assimilation.

You may be wondering, can’t I just study in any place I like? Well, if studying in any venue works for you, then stick to it. However, you should have studied yourself to know the places where you feel more comfortable to read for long hours without losing concentration. Remember, telling yourself the truth is honesty and telling others is integrity.


Some ssce candidates prefer to study at the Library or quiet environments…. For others, they always feel sleepy while studying in the library. As a matter of fact, many persons love reading while listening to music.

Another thing worthy of note is that, while some students love to study during the day, others prefer night reading. You could even hear someone say, “nothing like early morning and cool evening reading”.

Following the diversities and differences in taste explained above, the best place and time to read for Waec and Neco even Jamb 2019 boils down to one word; Choice.

Now, if you ask me the question, what is the best place and time to read for Waec and Neco 2019? I will simply tell you to read in any place or time best conducive for you. Where works for Mr. A may not work for Mrs. B.

If you love to read in the toilet and it works for you, stick to it. Are you the type that loves to read in noisy areas? You can take a stroll to the market and read your book. For those that love playing music and reading simultaneously, keep it up. My friends that love reading while standing should continue (there is God o).

There are gentle boys and girls who hate distractions. They don’t like noise or distractions while reading since they are easily carried away. If you are in such category, stick to the library or areas where there is no noise.

Finally, don’t say, Mr. A reads in the library and he is very intelligent. Therefore, I will start reading at the Library too. All fingers are not equal. Simply look for reading venues that produce the best result for you. One man’s food is another man’s poison. Be Yourself!

Question For You: What if I don’t know where works for me to study?




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