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NECO GCE Geography Questions 2018 Expo and Answers

NECO GCE Geography Questions 2018 | In this article, I will be showing you past Geography objective and Practical random repeated questions for free. You will also understand how NECO Geography questions are set and many other examination guides. Stay focus and read through.

The National Examinations Council (also known as NECO) is an examination body in Nigeria that conducts the Senior Secondary Certificate Examination and the General Certificate in Education. NECO was created by former Head of State Abdulsalami Abubakar in April 1999. It was the first Federal organization to offer subsidized registration to academic candidates in Nigeria.


NECO GCE Geography Questions.


The physical and practical geography part involves map reading which all the tools needed will be provided for the candidate. In this post, we will be posting out samples of the neco geography questions for candidates that will participate in the examination for practice purposes.




Practical [Map reading] Sample;




Neco Geography Theory Sample Questions;


1. a) Draw a sketch map of Nigeria.


b) On the map, show and name:

i) Rivers Niger and Benue;

ii) one zone of sandy soil;

iii) one zone of forest soil;

iv) Lagos.


c. Describe the alluvial soil zone in Nigeria.


d. Outline the importance of alluvial soil zone in Nigeria.


Hint: The importance of alluvial soils in Nigeria include: could be extracted for construction, used for arable farming, provides base for port construction, used for pedelogical research, provide site for the construction of human settlement; produce  raw materials for local crafts industries and base for alluvial gold.


2. a) Highlight any three main characteristics of each of the following settlement types:

i) village;

ii) town.


b) State any four factors which are responsible for the growth of urban centres.


3. a) Define the following population terms:

i) census;

ii) mortality rate;


b) family planning.Outline any three problems confronting a country that is overpopulated.


c) Highlight any three ways by which the problem of overpopulation can be solved.


4. Write a geographical description of Chad Basin under the following:


a) relief and drainage;

b) people, population and settlement;

c) economic activities;

d) problems of development.


5. (a) Draw an outline map of Africa. On the map, show and name:

(i) any three rivers important for generating hydroelectricity;

(ii) any two dams on two of the rivers.


(b) Outline any five benefits of hydroelectric power to the people of Africa.

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Neco Geography Objective Questions:




Keep visiting this page as update will be made on Neco Geography Questions for candidates 2017. Ensure to bookmark site for reference purpose.


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That’s all on NECO GCE Geography Questions and Answers for 2018, Please feel free to ask Questions concerning this topic using the comments section below.


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