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NECO GCE 2018/2019 Further Mathematics Syllabus And Hot Topics To Read For The Questions and Answers

PAPER 1:       will consist of forty multiple-choice objective questions, covering the entire syllabus. Candidates will be required to answer all questions in 1hours for 40 marks. The questions will be drawn from the sections of the syllabus as follows:


Pure Mathematics                    –           30 questions

Statistics and probability         –           4 questions

Vectors and Mechanics            –           6 questions

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PAPER 2:        will consist of two sections, Sections A and B, to be answered in 2 hours for 100 marks.


Section A         will consist of eight compulsory questions that areelementary in type for 48 marks. The questions shall be distributed as follows:

Pure Mathematics                    –           4 questions

Statistics and Probability         –           2 questions

Vectors and Mechanics            –           2 questions

Section B       will consist of seven questions of greater length and difficulty put into three parts:Parts I, II and III as follows:

Part I:     Pure Mathematics                 –           3 questions

Part II:   Statistics and Probability      –           2 questions

Part III: Vectors and Mechanics         –           2 questions

Candidates will be required to answer four questions with at least one from each part for 52 marks.



  1. UNITS

Candidates should be familiar with the following units and their symbols.


( 1 ) Length

1000 millimetres (mm) = 100 centimetres (cm) = 1 metre(m).

1000 metres = 1 kilometre (km)


( 2 ) Area

10,000 square metres (m2) = 1 hectare (ha)


( 3 ) Capacity

1000 cubic centimeters (cm3) = 1 litre (l)



( 4 ) Mass

1000 grammes (g) = 1 kilogramme( kg )

( 5) Currencies

The Gambia –          100 bututs (b) = 1 Dalasi (D)

Ghana                        –           100 Ghana pesewas (Gp) = 1 Ghana Cedi ( GH¢)

Liberia                        –           100 cents (c) = 1 Liberian Dollar (LD)

Nigeria                      –           100 kobo (k) = 1 Naira (N)

Sierra Leone –           100 cents (c) = 1 Leone (Le)

UK                         – 100 pence (p) = 1 pound (£)

USA                       – 100 cents (c) = 1 dollar ($)

French Speaking territories           100 centimes (c) = 1 Franc (fr)

Any other units used will be defined.


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( 1) Use of Mathematical and Statistical Tables

Mathematics and Statistical tables, published or approved by WAEC may be used in the examination room. Where the degree of accuracy is not specified in a question, the degree of accuracy expected will be that obtainable from the mathematical tables.


The use of non-programmable, silent and cordless calculators is allowed. The calculators must, however not have a paper print out nor be capable of receiving/sending any information. Phones with or without calculators are not allowed.


Candidates should bring rulers, pairs of compasses, protractors, set squares etc required for papers of the subject. They will not be allowed to borrow such instruments and any other material from other candidates in the examination hall.

Graph papers ruled in 2mm squares will be provided for any paper in which it is required.


( 4) Disclaimer

In spite of the provisions made in paragraphs 2 (1) and (2) above, it should be noted that some questions may prohibit the use of tables and/or calculators.

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