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2019 Biology Practical Expo | Questions and Answers

A – Tilapia fish
B – Frog
C – Lizard
D – Bird

A – Pisces
B – Amphibia

I – Lateral lines
II – Pectoral fin.
III – Tympanum
IV – Digits
v – Tail
VI – Unwebbed digits.
VII – Beak
VIII – Eye

II – For movement and balance.
III – For hearing.
IV Movement/crawling.
VI – Crawling.
VII – For Feeding.
VIII – For Seeing

Under B
(i) It lives in water and in land.
(ii) It possesses beak.
(iii) Presence of long legs.
(iv) Absence of scales on legs.

Under D
(i) It lives on trees.
(ii) Absence of beak.
(iii) Absence of long legs.
(iv) Presence of scales on long legs
I – Funnel
II – Cotton wool
III – Beaker

X = 50 – 35 = 15cm²

Y = 50 – 22 = 28cm²

Z = 50 – 15 =35cm²

X – Sandy soil
Y – Loamy soil
Z – Clay soil

(i) Large soil particles.
(ii) Large pore spaces.

(i) Moderate particle size.
(ii) Moderate pore space.

(i) Small or fine particle size.
(ii) Little pore spaces.

Experiment on water retention capacity of soil.

Lowest – January
Highest – September

(i) June
(ii) July

32 + 32
= 64cm²

(i) Osun
(ii) CrossRiver

Tropical rainforest
J – coconut fruit
K – tomato fruit
L – Oil bean

J – Man
K – Animal
L – Wind

I – Seed
II – Fibrous mesocarp
III – Seed
IV – Exocarp
V – Fruit stalk
VI – Placenta

M – Housefly.
N – Tick

M – insecta
N – Arachnida.

In a tabular form

Under M
(i) Three pairs of walking legs are present.
(ii) APossession of compound eye
(iii) The body is divided into head, thorax and abdomen.

Under N
(i) Presence of four pairs of walking legs.
(ii) Possession of simple eye
(iii) The body is divided into head and cephalothorax

E– Butterfly net
F– thermometer
G– Gas jar

4 (ii)
E –it is used in trapping fishes
F– it is used in measuring temperature
G– it is used in collecting gasses



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