/ means DIVISION
* means multiplication
tita u should know dat.
rais means raise to power
^ means raise to power

11-20: CCCABB
21-30: C-DADCD-DA
Still solving…

Mass = 20g = (20/100)kg = 0.02kg
Extension = 5cm = (5/100)m = 0.05m
K = 200N/
V = ?
1/2mv² = 1/2ke²
V = √ke²/m = √200×0.05×0.05/0.02
V = √25
V = 5m/s


P is initial velocity in m/s
β is angle of projection
H is maximum height
R is Range

R = P²sin2β/g
at maximum range, sin2β = 1
=> Rmax = p²/g
This happens at β = 45degree

(i) Photoelectricity
(ii) Thermonic equation
(iii) Compton effect

(i) magnetic declination
(ii) magnetic inclination
(iii) horizontal components

Free electrons are electrons in a material which can contribute to electric current.

hole is the absence of an electron in a particular place in an atom

Principle of operation of fiber optics state that the density of transparent glass and the refractive index is greater than the density of the two mirrors

(i)it is used to view deep down the throat of a patient
(ii)it is used to conveying information

It state that every particles in the universe attract every other particle with a force that is proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them

Gravitational field is a region of space around a mass on which the gravitational force of the mass can be felt

F=GMeM/re² ——from newton’s law
Where Me is mass of earth
re is the distance of mass from earth
G is a constant of gravitation
But F=GMeM/re² =mg

(i)That The earth is a sphere
(ii)That g depends on mass of earth alone

Using F = GMeM/r²
F= 79.7732*10^43/2.25*10²²

Escape velocity (Ve) is the minimum velocity required for an object (egg statelite) to just escape or leave the gravitational influence or field of an astronomical body (eg earth) permanently
(i)g varies across the earth but G is constant
(ii)the unit of g is m/s² while that of G is NM²/Kg²

Latent heat is energy released or absorbed, by a body or a thermodynamic system, during a constant-temperature process.

(i)surface area in contact with atmosphere
(ii)nature of the liquid
Clay is poorer conductor of heat than plastic

An increase in pressure in the cooker increase the ambient temperature in the cooker hence the food cooks faster

(i)Change in the state of a substance
(ii)Increase in temperature

Heat supplied = m1
lvt = m1
L=672000/1.5= 448,000J/kg
Laten heat of fusion of the body = 4.48*10^5J/Kg

lvt=mc D tita
Specific heat capacity of the body =384J/Kg/K

Force is anything that causes motion.Its S.I unit is Newton(N) or Kgm/s^2

(i) Static friction
(ii) Dynamic friction


during last 5s=18/5=3.6m/s^2

Total distance=S1+S2+S3+S4