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2019/2020 Waec SSCE Geography III Expo Questions and Answers

_(You are to answer no 1 and any other 3)_


(i)generally the place is low lying area
(ii)this is a ridge that is the shai hills in the northern part of the map ranging from 250ft to 90ft
(iii)the general area is underlying and almost flat
(i)The river exhibit dendritic pattern
(ii)river dekyider is demanded around the salt pond
(iii)river ohudor flows towards the south

(i) Trading
(ii) Fishing


Mode of formation: Chemically formed sedimentary rock are formed when chemical sediments accumulates over a long period of time. These sediments then combine and undergo further processes to form rock.

(i) Limestone
(ii) Chalk
(iii) Barite

(i) They serve as a source of minerals such as halite ie common salt.
(ii) They produce limestone used in producing cement.
(iii) They houses fossil records.
(iv) They help in housing coral reefs which serves as tourist attraction


A lake is a land-locked body of slow-flowing water

WIND EROSION LAKES: These are lakes formed where wind deflation erode and result into formation of depression in desert. If such depressions are small and shallow pan lakes may form. But sometimes such depression goes deeper to expose water table and result into formation of Oasis lakes like in Qattara Depression in Egypt.

(i) It provides water and food for human use
(ii) It helps in water pollination purification to support ecosystems
(iii) Serves as tourist center


(i)each time zone differ by 15degree in longitude
(ii)the reference point is the G.M.T
(iii)it divided within 24 time zone
(iv)it maintain the eential time for time zone in which they are
(i)data change by 24hours when it is crossed
(ii)the 180degree meridian represent for the original of a date line
(iii)travelers going to the east gains one day which does going to the west losses one day
(iv)it is not a straight line

Time difference =1800 – 900
Longitude = 9*15=135degree


Food chain can be defined as series of network in an ecosystem. It shows how the organisms are related with each other by the food they eat.

Energy flow within a terrestrial ecosystem:
Energy from the sun is received by the producer which are plants, produce their food and hence when consumed by the consumer energy is passed, when the consumer which are animals feed on the plant, they absorb energy, use some for body development and when consumed by a higher animal, the energy is also utilised and finally when the organism dies, decomposers act on the organism and in which some energy is used and stored. Energy generally reduces down the food chain.

(i) Plants absorb nutrients from the soil into their roots.
(ii) Animals get nitrogen from plant consumed.
(iii) Ammonication which is part of decaying process.

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