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10 Essential Tech Skills You Should Learn Right Now

I will be dealing on the essential technology skills you should learn right now.

Technology has really made our life easier. It is your responsibility to make good use of it, so as to make your life better as well. Check the essential tech skills you should learn right now.

Learn These Essential Technology Skills Now

1. How to type faster:

It is high time you increase your typing speed. You do not need to pay people each time you want to type a project or homework. Install Mavis Beacon and improve your typing speed. This will make your life easier.

2. Computer shortcut Action:

There are so many computer shortcuts to make your work faster. You should learn how to use the CTRL functions (CTRL+A to Z). Some examples are:

Also learn how to use alternate keys. For example, ALT+F4 is a shortcut to close a program.

3. How to Search Google:

Google has made life easier. You can actually type in what you like and get bunch of results. However, many persons still don’t know how to properly use google search. The following google search skills might be of help:


4. How to use Social Media:

Navigating the world of social media includes everything from using hashtags effectively and in the right context to scheduling Facebook posts. Learn how to properly use social media for school and work and how to protect yourself on it.

5. How to reset your phone:

As simple as this, people pay heavily for it. It doesn’t make sense. You should learn how to factory reset your phone as well as other simple GSM hacks.

6. How to Use Micro Soft Office:

For windows users, the benefits of Microsoft office tools cannot be overemphasized. Learn how to use Microsoft word, excel, power point, etc.


7. Learn Photoshop:

Adobe Photoshop is a powerful graphic editor. You should be able to do simple photo editing

8. Writing Posts:

Preparing materials for print or maintaining an online presence through a blog takes impeccable writing skills. You should improve in your writing skills.

9. Inbound marketing:

Reaching the right audience relies on converting––through clicks or making phone calls––which leads to sales. Learning the ways to connect right off the bat can boost your marketing abilities.

10. Google Map:

Learn how to use google maps to get direction

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