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5 People You Must Meet To Achieve Success In Jamb

Success in Jamb

Success in Jamb

Your success in Jamb 2019 is directly proportional to the persons you hangout with. Your hangout is what eventually determines your hunger. You need certain persons to achieve your desired score in Jamb 2019. Do not miss them….

It will be difficult to score very high in Jamb 2019 if you do not meet at least two of these five persons. This is because they are indirectly the pictures of your desired future. They will help you to be featured in the actual future.

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In this article, I will list the five persons you must meet to achieve success in Jamb 2019. However, do not restrict yourself to these five persons. Try to meet as many persons as possible because you never can tell the one that will drop the Rhema you need to succeed.

Five Persons That Will Escort You To Success In Jamb 2019

1. The Mentor:

This guy blasted Jamb in his time. He is now in school and still doing very well academically. You get inspired anytime you see him. You want to be like him. He is the mentor……meet him.

To overcome fear and tormentors, you must meet a mentor. He will make what seems very big to become small right before your eyes. He looks into your eyes and tell you, “If I didn’t fail Jamb, then you don’t have any reason to fail”.

This person has experience, intelligence and knowledge. He will help you acquire valuable insights simple by having a meaningful discussion with you. You have to meet him..


2. The Jamb Writer:

The Jamb writer is someone who has written Jamb for so many times. He has so failed that Jamb now sends him Christmas and New year gift. However, this doesn’t stop you from meeting him. He has seen something that you may never see until you fail Jamb 2019.

You may be like, “how can I be moving with someone who have failed Jamb five times?”. But he knows the five best ways to fail Jamb. Meet him and learn from his mistakes. It is very difficult to fall into a pit when you have already seen it.

This person has something to invest in you. Do not criticize or neglect this human being. Remember, failure is just an event.

3. The Jambite:

Just like you, this person is sitting for Jamb 2019. Meeting with a fellow Jambite is a good idea. However, he won’t have as much experience as the Jamb writer or the mentor. But he has the same goal and aspiration with you. It is nice to be able to talk to someone who is in the same boat as you.

Because he is in the same boat with you, you will have to rescue him, just as he will have to rescue you too. You’ll learn to work together and find solutions for common problems.

One vital information from a fellow jambite can cause the change you desire. Do not face this battle alone. The journey is so far that you may end up a leper trying to go alone.

This person is the easiest to find. He will be very glad to exchange contact with you. You can meet him anywhere. Meet the Jambite!

4. The Scholar:

This is the guru in your field. He has finished Jamb syllabus and past questions back to back. This guy knows the first 150 elements in the periodic and their atomic masses. He answers Jamb comprehension questions with the speed of light. He has already solved all the questions you will ever imagine.

One thing I admire about this person is that he is very gentle. Just like you, he has one head. You can be a scholar as well. All you need is to meet a scholar that will eventually bring out the real you.

The law of attracts states that, “what you like, you will attract”. And like I said earlier, your hangout is what determines your hunger.

If you have ever said something like this, “I am not ready for this Jamb at all”, you need a scholar. These persons will bring out your real potential and make you 100%. Scholars are confidence boosters. You may miss other persons, but do not miss the scholar.

You will always find the scholar around. This is the best collabo you need right now.

5. Jamb Official:

This person is in authority. He is a direct representative from Jamb. He knows everything about the Jamb 2019 examination and have control over them.

He tells you the novel and number of questions to expect. He guides you on where and how to register Jamb 2019 without mistakes.

This person will make it very easy for you to succeed. All you need is to study along with the syllabus he gave you (And as well solve many past questions).

He fixes the exam date and gives you all the required details. He tells you the exact date to reprint so as know your Jamb exam date and venue. Follow his quality guidelines.

It is true that some persons will discourage you from believing the Jamb official. All what these other persons want is to take advantage of you. Be warned!

Do exactly what you are told to do by the Jamb official. Your future is what we are talking about here.

Once again, meet as many persons as possible. You never can tell which of them will help you. I wish you the best in life.

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That is all on 5 People You Must Meet To Achieve Success In Jamb 2019/2020.



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