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List Of Courses Offered In Adeyemi College Of Education (ACEONDO)

List Of Courses Offered In Adeyemi College Of Education (ACEONDO)

Today, you and I will quickly take a look at the topic “Updated List Of Courses Offered In Adeyemi College Of Education (ACEONDO)”.

This is for the sake of all aspirants of the above-stated institutions to enable them to take a pick of their most cherished course as well as make them aware if the course they have chosen to study is available in the above college of Education.

Courses Offered In Adeyemi College Of Education (ACEONDO)

Nonetheless, if you are among those that has been searching for [adeyemi college of education cut off mark, adeyemi college of education school fees, adeyemi college of education direct entry requirement, science courses in adeyemi college of education, adeyemi federal university of education, list of degree courses offered in adeyemi college of education, adeyemi college of education post utme, adeyemi college of education 2018/2019 admission, Updated List Of Courses Offered In Adeyemi College Of Education (ACEONDO)], then you are certainly not alone.

However, you shall get all the information you have been searching for right here on this blog.

Well, without wasting much of your time, lets head to the topic “Updated List Of Courses Offered In Adeyemi College Of Education (ACEONDO)” under the following headings;

Without further ado, lets head there right away.

Admission Requirements To Study In Adeyemi College Of Education (ACEONDO)

The following are the requirements an aspirant must meet to study in the stated institution.

Therefore, the aspirant must;

i. For Degree Programmes: UTME candidates who scored a minimum of 180 marks
ii. For NCE Programmes: UTME candidates who scored a minimum of 150 marks
iii. For Direct Entry (DE):Candidates who possess a Minimum of 8 points in their NCE final examination

Updated List Of Courses Offered In Adeyemi College Of Education (ACEONDO)

Have you been searching for a particular course to study in Adeyemi College Of Education (ACEONDO) but you do not know how to go about it because you do not have sufficient information about the list of courses offered?

Do you intend to take JAMB this year but you don’t know the course to pick?

Then worry no more because below is a complete, official, accredited and updated list of courses offered in Adeyemi College Of Education (ACEONDO).

In no particular order, they include;

Courses Offered In Adeyemi College Of Education (ACEONDO) | School Of Science

The School is the largest School with many of its Departments established with the College in 1964.

It comprises seven departments, namely: Department of Biology, Department of Chemistry, Department of Computer Science,

Department of Integrated Science, Department of Mathematics, Department of Physical and Health Education and Department of Physics.

Students are exposed to the scientific principles and techniques during classroom teaching, practical exercises and field trips as means of demonstrating academic and professional excellence in teaching science.

Many graduates of the School are distinguishing themselves in diverse careers in the society such as teachers, politicians, scholars and information communication experts. 

A number of academic staff is occupying relevant Collensis positions of responsibility thereby contributing to the growth and development of the College.  

Philosophy of the School

The philosophy of the School is to:

–         produce competent, professional and effective teachers of science education who will be able to develop in students an appreciation and understanding of Mathematics and Science.

–         impart the intrinsic values as well as the utility values of Mathematics and Science in all spheres of human activities.

–         develop in the students the ability to formulate problems, identify variables and design experiments, interpret results, recognize patterns, generate hypothesis, draw conclusions and develop theoretical models.

–         develop academic and professional competency which will enable individual earn a living.

–         help students become intellectually informed in Mathematical ideas, notations and skills for logical reasoning.


To realise the stated philosophy above, the School has the following objectives:

(i)        to equip the students to be able to demonstrate practical skills in handling scientific apparatus.

(ii)       to equip the student to be able to demonstrate excellence and professional competence in the teaching of Mathematics and Science subjects.

(iii)     to develop an individual who will make a successful carrier in Mathematics and Science teaching.

Staff and Student Profile

The School has eighty nine (89) academic staff and thirty three (33)  administrative staff.

Many of the academic staff holds Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) degree in their discipline while the rest are at one level or the other to obtain theirs.The School of Science has the largest student population.


The College was represented by a student of the School in the 2013 National Youth Debate Competition organized by the Federal Ministry of Education, Abuja involving all tertiary institutions in Nigeria.

The student came first for the zonal level and came second at the National level.

Various Subject Combinations in the School

Below are the subject combinations for the Nigeria Certificate in Education (NCE) programme in the School.




Computer Science / Economics

Computer Science /Chemistry

Computer Science / Integrated Science

Computer Science / Adult Education

Computer Science / Primary Education Studies

Computer Science /Mathematics

Computer Science / Physics

Integrated Science /Biology

Integrated Science /Physics

Integrated Science /Chemistry

Integrated Science /Mathematics

Integrated Science /Geography



Physical and Health Education/Biology

Physical and Health Education/Early Childhood Care Education

Physical and Health Education/Mathematics

Physical and Health Education/Integrated Science

Physical and Health Education/Chemistry

Physical and Health Education Double Major



The under-listed are the undergraduates (B.Sc) Education programmes.

B.Sc (Ed) Biology

B.Sc (Ed) Chemistry

B.Sc (Ed) Integrated Science/Mathematics

B.Sc (Ed) Mathematics

B.Sc (Ed) Physics

B.Sc (Ed) Physical and Health Education

Courses Offered In Adeyemi College Of Education (ACEONDO) | School Of Languages

What is today known as the School of Languages started as unnamed body of three foundation Departments in May, 1964.

The School was later known as the School of Arts along the pattern of the Faculty of Arts in the then University of Ife (now Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife).

It began with the training of graduates in the Nigeria Certificate in Education (N.C.E.). From 1982, the School housed three Departments that offered the B.A. Ed. Programme in English, Yoruba and French in affiliation with the University of Ife.

Following the disarticulation of the College administratively in 1991 from Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, the School of Languages was created from the then School of Arts on 1st August 1993 when it (old School of Arts) was split into the School of Arts and Social Sciences and School ofLanguages in line with the policy of the National Commission for Colleges of Education (NCCE).

The Departments were later restructured to include English, French and Nigerian Languages (viz Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba). Each of these units later became substantive Departments bringing the total number of the Departments in the School to five.

Courses Offered In Adeyemi College Of Education (ACEONDO) | School Of Education

The Mission of the School of Education

Our mission is to be the foremost school in the production of well trained and certificated primary and secondary school teachers in all fields of education; teach students to achieve all-round and life-long education, provide teachers who have acquired adequate professional skills and produce psychologically stable students who will be able to discharge their teaching responsibilities adequately after graduation.


The official journal of the school of Education is Journal of Educational Innovations and Practice. There are two volumes of the journal in circulation presently.


Courses Offered In Adeyemi College Of Education (ACEONDO) | School Of Arts & Social Sciences

The School of Arts and Social Sciences is one of the foundation Schools in the College.

It was formerly known as the School of Arts until 1992/93 academic session, when the School of Languages was established as a separate school. Initially, the school of Arts and Social Sciences housed three departments.

These are: Department of Geography, Department of History, and Department of Religious Studies.

Although Social Studies was introduced during the 1992/1993 academic session but it operated as part of History Department.

By 1993/1994 academic session, Social Studies Department started as a separate department.

Also the Department of Economics which was established in 1992 existed as an integral part of Geography Department until 1997/98 session when it became a full fledged department. Again in 2011, the College started NCE programme in Music Education.

With this, the School of Arts and Social Science now house six departments.

The School of Arts and Social Sciences has witnessed tremendous expansion in recent years.

With the introduction of Social Studies and Economics Education in particular, students’ enrollment in the school has multiplied.

This has also generated increase in human and physical resources.

The School of Arts and Social Sciences has made series of professional and academic contributions.

Since the inception of the School, it has trained thousands of competent professional teachers who have served and still serving in various capacities in the Nigeria educational institutions.

The School trains teachers in Economics, Social Studies, History, Geography, Religious Studies and Music Education.

Courses Offered In Adeyemi College Of Education (ACEONDO) | School Of Vocational And Technical Education

he School of Vocational and Technical Education emerged from defunct School of Applied Arts and Sciences.

All its Departments were established in 1964 except Department of Business Education which came into existence in 1992.Other old Departments are Department of Agricultural Science, Department of Fine and Applied Arts and Department of Home Economics.

Students are exposed to the basic knowledge, entrepreneurial skills and managerial attitudes that enable them become competent teachers and employers of labour.

The School of Vocational and Technical has witnessed tremendous developments in terms of students’ enrolment, staff strength, infrastructures, teaching and learning resources over the years.

The Students’ enrolment over the years has increased greatly.

The present student’s population is about 2,000.

The staff strength at present is made up of fifty eight 58 academics staff and twenty-two (22) non teaching staff.

As at today ultra-modern buildings have been built for the departments of Agricultural Science, Home Economics, Fine and Applied Arts and Business Education.

Departments of Agricultural Science, Fine and Applied Arts and Home Economics run both NCE and Degree programmes while Departments of Business Education runs only NCE programme.

As at the last accreditation by the NCCE and NUC, all the programmes of the School of Vocational and Technical Education were given full accreditation Status.

Fine and Applied Arts as a discipline in Vocational and Technical Education provides opportunities for career in textile, graphics, ceramics, sculpture and painting while Home Economics provides career in Food and Nutrition, Home Management, Clothing and Textiles.

Business Education provides career in Secretarial and Accounting while Agriculture provides career in Animal Production, Crop Production and Fish Production all of which are capable of providing employment for sustainable development.

The School has a functional Teaching and Research Farm with poultry, goatry, rabbitary, piggery, and crop production units.

With its oil pam production, quality home management techniques, creative artistic designs and business orientation of students to explore viable survival options for creation of employment and wealth, the graduating students are empowered to contribute to the economic growth of the nation.

Furthermore, the School organises stimulating seminars, workshops and conferences on critical issues associated with sustainable agricultural production, entrepreneurial development, artistic creativity and poverty eradication.

Generated ideas and reflections on human survival devoid of unemployment, poverty and diseases are published in referenced books and learned journals such as the Journal in Management and Business Education.

Since its inception, the School has produced many self-reliant and competent professionals in public and private organisations associated with farming, cottage industries, artistic designs and quality nutrition across the nation.


That’s the much we can take on the topic “Updated List Of Courses Offered In Adeyemi College Of Education (ACEONDO)’.

Thanks For Reading


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