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How To Survive The Jamb CBT 2019 Updates

Jamb Admission Status

It’s been about three years since we all hated Jamb paper and pencil (PPT) testing method. It seems like now it’s time for another Jamb testing method to be hated; the Jamb CBT (computer based testing).

As at 2013, the Jamb CBT update really favored so many Jamb candidates. This increased the love and general acceptance of the Jamb computer based testing method


The Jamb 2013/2014 computer based examination was very awesome. I could remember how the candidates who used the ppt method (including me) were very unlucky.

Like all other Jamb upgrade, the Jamb CBT boosted 40% of  Jamb results for those who filled the computer based method in their Jamb registration form.  This made all of us agree with the new Jamb cbt method.

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Unfortunately the story has changed. Many Jamb candidates have started facing challenges using the jamb computer based testing method.


The quality of Jamb CBT result has began to reduce exponentially since the 2014/2015 Jamb results were released and students have expressed their disappointment. Now, Is the Jamb CBT method going to be hated again?

What are the challenges in Jamb CBT?

The current trend in the Jamb CBT can be traced to three major factors:


Although we can only call on the Joint Admission and matriculation board officials to correct the systematic error and back-end errors, yet you must play your own role to survive the 2019/2020 Jamb CBT update.

In this article, I will be teaching you the best way to survive the Jamb CBT update so that you can score very high in the Jamb 2019. I will try to make it very short and simple.

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Ways To Survive Jamb 2019 Update

1. Follow  Jamb CBT Registration Instructions:


This is the very basic step to take in Jamb registration. Follow all registration instructions and make sure you fill your details very well. Any major mistake you make here can cost you your admission.

Yes, many persons fail the physical clearance test even after gaining admission to study their desired course. It is following principles that makes you a principal.

2. Prepare well for the Jamb CBT:

What you are not prepared for, you are not qualified for. The exam you don’t prepare for will shock you on that day. When I talk about jamb preparation, I do not mean the baby type of preparation.

I mean strong and effective preparations like I explained in my article on How to study for long without losing concentration and how to remember everything in Jamb exam hall. When you are well equipped with the Armour of preparation, you don’t bother about Jamb 2019 expo or Jamb runs 2019/2020. This is very important.

3. Go Early And Ask Questions:

Make sure you go to the jamb examination hall very early. If there is anything you are not clear about, feel free to ask the Jamb officials. After all, you are not writing Jamb again. Test your mouse and keyboard to make sure that their is no issue at all.

Also, check your Jamb calculator for possible errors. These simple steps can boost your exam result.


4. Solve The Jamb CBT Questions In Seconds:

Jamb and post Utme are all about speed. You can be very intelligent and still fail if you are not fast. Be very time conscious in the Jamb examination hall. Talking about speed, the use of Jamb CBT past questions come to mind.

Make sure you start with the subject that you are best good at and do not waste time. Write your exam with the sense of urgency, have the mentality, “I am behind schedule”. Inasmuch as you are time conscious, be accuracy conscious.

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5. Use Your Head:

You may not have the answer to all the questions but you can get 60% of the questions you don’t know correctly. This is where you have to use your coconut. In this case, elimination method and logic will take you from success to good success.

In one of my article, I explained how to use elimination method to blast in Jamb.

6. Don’t Copy:

I know it is difficult to spy or cheat in Jamb CBT examination. However, if you have the opportunity to do so, avoid it. Cheating has done more harm than good. If you think that I am joking, ask those who wrote Jamb 2013 paper and pencil method what hapened.

7. Cross Check Your Work Before Hitting The Submit button;

As a result of human errors, you may have answered some of the questions you know correctly “wrongly”. By cross checking, you will be able to identify these errors and as well score higher in Jamb CBT. Make sure the answer you click shows that you actually clicked it. You can then submit your work.

8. Use Jamb CBT Practice Software;

What you don’t know is always senior to you. Practice makes perfect. To survive the Jamb CBT Update, you need to practice with Jamb software so as to make you familiar with how the exams will look like. Get your own now by using the link below.


9. Follow Prof. Francis of Examloaded

Follow my series at Examloaded.comto enjoy our powerful posts on Waec and Jamb. Examloaded will still be relevant to you till graduation. Even after graduation, you would still find relevant articles here at Examloaded



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