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5 Things To Do If You Are Refused Admission To Study In The University

UI Ibadan

Did Jamb Admission Status Register You As Not Admitted Or You Were Refused Admission After Getting Your University Admission Screening Form? See what to do irrespective of your school of choice.

Like I always say, the University Admission is the dream of every high school leaver. “I want to gain admission immediately I leave high/secondary school“. This is the confession of an average University aspirant.

Sad enough, not all of them actually get admitted immediately. There are so many persons who were refused Jamb admission for more than 3 times.

If you have satisfied the basic admission requirements and have at least a 60% average, you could have been refused admission because of the high volume of applications received for the program and/or university you selected.

In other words, the competition for places in that department was such that you did not qualify for admission.

It doesn’t matter if this is your second or third time of applying for admission. What matters is that you are not giving up. Those who were admitted before you are not necessarily better than you. You can make it if you really mean it.

5 Steps To Take If You Were Refused University Admission

1. Stay Calm And Don’t Loose Hope:

Your mindset certainly determine your life-set. Do not give up or lose hope. After all, the university only denied you admission this year and not forever.

So long you are still alive, gaining admission into the university is sure. It happened one day that you did not see your name in the admission list. That one day will only mean forever if you allow it to change the way you see things. Have the mentality, “No matter what, I will definitely be admitted next year”.

You will no longer be refused admission anymore. This is where the success begins…

2. Don’t Reapply Instantly:

Socrates was a great philosopher, whose image and thinking was associated with the word of the Delphic Oracle (Man, know thyself). He made a statement I love so much, “The unexamined life is  not worth living”.

You were rejected the first, do not reapply immediately. Instead, go to your closet and begin to examine yourself. Begin to trace where you missed it.

Could it be that you did know the best way to prepare for the exams? or you were not prepared at all. Did you even understand or remember what you read? Something may have happened in the exam hall.

There is certainly something you have to tell yourself about it. Remember, telling yourself the truth is honesty while telling others is integrity. You may not want to tell yourself or parents what really happened.

But, tell yourself the truth. If you don’t tell yourself the truth now, you will be refused admission again as a result of the lie you keep telling yourself.

3. Build Yourself:

Now, it is time to build yourself. You may be asking, what should I build in myself? Nice question. You need to build your mental capacity so as to be able to face the admission challenge next year.

The truth of the matter is that, the admission process is always going to be more competitive. You need to constantly update and build yourself so as to be able to stand in the days of judgement. Yesterday’s information cannot help you to solve tomorrow’s challenges.

Things To Build In Yourself


5. Reapply And Prepare:

It is time to start the process again. Apply for jamb or the examination that will catapult you into the university. Do not make any mistake in the application process. You need to study like never before.

As you prepare, always remember that you are competing with thousands of applicants. Get the right materials, syllables and study time-table.


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