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Separation Of Mixtures & Purification Of Chemical Substances

Separation Of Mixtures & Purification Of Chemical Substances

Separation Of Mixtures & Purification Of Chemical Substances

Separation Of Mixtures And Purification of Chemical Substances:According to Jamb Syllabus, Candidates should be able to: distinguish between pure and impure substances;

ii) use boiling and melting points as criteria for purity of chemical substances;
(iii) distinguish between elements, compounds and mixture;

(iv) differentiate between chemical and physical changes;
(v) identify the properties of the components of a mixture;
(vi) specify the principle involved in each separation method.

Separation Of Mixtures & Purification Of Chemical Substances

The video below covers everything Jamb expects you to know if Separation of Mixtures And Purification of Chemical Substances:

Major Highlights in The video:

1. Chemistry is the study of the composition, properties and uses of matter

2. Matter is anything that has mass and occupies space.

3. A substance is a form of matter that has a definite composition and distinct properties.

4. Boiling point is the temperature at which the saturated vapour pressure of a liquid equals the atmospheric pressure.

5. Melting point is the temperature at whch the constituent particles of a solid vibrate vigorously and acquire energy which makes them slide over one another.

6. A pure elemental substance should contain only one type of atom (the element) and be homogeneous throughout the sample; otherwise, it’s impure.

7. Physical change is a change in which no new substance is formed While chemical change is one in which new substances are formed.

8. A pure substance has definite boiling point and a very sharp melting point.

9. Examples of Separation Processes are Evaporation, simple and fractional distillation, sublimation, filtration, chromatography, crystallisation.

10 A homogenous mixture is one whose composition is uniform while a heterogeneous mixture is one whose composition is not uniform.

That is all on Separation Of Mixtures & Purification Of Chemical Substances

Hope you enjoyed the video? Feel free to tell me how you feel.





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