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How To Prepare For Jamb Examination 2019

Prepare For Jamb

Prepare For Jamb

Prepare for Jamb, Just like every other examinations, Jamb examination 2019 requires special approach. It is following this approach that makes you successful in Jamb.

Few year(s) ago, you wrote waec and/or Neco Examination. In fact, you might be using awaiting result for this Jamb you are about to sit for. You will always appreciate the fact that you cannot prepare for Jamb the way you prepared for Waec.

The West African Examination Council (WAEC) covers three sections viz: Objective, Theory and Practicals.

On the other hand, the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) examination will test you on only Objective questions.

The question now is, How do I prepare for Jamb examination? I will answer that in this very simple article.

How To Prepare For Jamb Examination

1. Read Smart

In Waec you are permitted to read hard. After all, you will be asked to list, explain and give five examples each.

The case is different in Jamb. They will list it and require you to identify what they have listed.

Pay attention to details. As you read, take note of the key points. This is what Jamb will ask you.

You must also learn to study effectively for long hours. This will help you go through everything withing the limited time

2. Don’t Skip Topics

In waec, you will be given option questions. However, Jamb wants you to answer all the questions.

What does that tell you? Any topic you skip while preparing will surely come out in the exam.

Make sure you go through everything. Utilize the Jamb syllabus and do not read off point.

3. Study Past Questions

You might have heard the rumor spreading like wild wire that Jamb has stopped the use of past questions. I just called it rumor.

As far as I am concern, you cannot score very high in Jamb without the use of past questions.

Some persons do ask me the question, where should I start studying from In Jamb past questions? If possible, answer everything. With very limited time, start from 2005 questions.

4. Test Yourself

After going through three years past questions, take the fourth year as examination. Cover or erase the answers, time yourself and attempt the questions.

This will enable you examine your level of preparedness. Always do this at least once in every two weeks. It is very helpful.

5. Get Good Books

Some textbooks are very simple. This doesn’t reduce the quality of content. Getting such books will make learning easier for you.

There are about five of them I would have listed, however, It is beyond the scope of this article.

In conclusion, if the textbook you are using for Jamb is too difficult, try a simpler once. You will always find good books around.

6. Meet Persons

The best way to prepare for Jamb is to meet persons around. These persons should be Jamb candidates, just as you are. Meet them, discuss with them and ask them questions.

Other set of persons you should meet are those who have written and excelled in Jamb.

7. Prepare Personal Timetable

List out the topics you have covered, the ones you need to go through again and the ones you have not touched. Prepare a timetable that will enable you go through them before the exam day.

Make sure you revise everything before the exam day.

The use of study timetable doesn’t work for me. If it works for you, stick to it.

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That is all on how to Prepare for jamb 2019 Examination.



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Posted by on September 2, 2018.

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